Monday, 9 March 2015

City Break Make Up Essentials

Good morning guys! So I know I recently spoke about my travel plans for the year and well I have just added another destination to the cards. Yep that's right, I've booked a whistle stop trip to Dublin for 2 nights and I fly out on this Wednesday!

Although it was a bit of a spontaneous booking, I have always wanted to go to Ireland and thought when better to go than the present? My sister & I have been talking about going on a girly trip together for some time now so we just thought d'ya know what, lets just go ahead and book it, otherwise it's never going to happen!

So this will be the shortest trip outside of the UK that I've ever been on. I've been to Edinburgh before but we drove there whereas this trip involves me hopping on an hour long flight. Ever since I booked the trip I have been pondering as to what to pack. I'm notoriously known for my 'over packing' for holiday's so I'm sure I will somehow manage to fit a weeks worth of clothes into my cabin case. For this little trip though, I seriously need to be as minimalist as possible and not let my over-packing tendencies creep in. Clothes wise I was thinking of taking 2 casual day outfits such as leggings and 2 jumpers then an evening outfit in case we decide to go anywhere fancy. In the make up department I thought I would agree on one base that is long lasting but not overly heavy. Due to cabin bag restrictions I'm going to have to decant my Foundation & liquids etc into travel containers which I'm a bit miffed about but it can't be helped really.

So here's the plan:
Keep an eye out over the next week or so because in true WLDN tradition, there will be a Travel Diary popping up on here very soon!

Have you been to Dublin before? What places would you recommend to visit? 

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  1. MAC Russian Red is a definite favourite of mine! Good choice to take with you :)


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