Monday, 19 January 2015

How To Have The Perfect Pamper Evening

Morning guys, in today's post I'm talking Pamper.

I love a good old pamper. It's something a lot of us love indulging in but probably don't do it often enough. It's silly really though, I mean your body is working constantly to keep you alive and well - so surely a little TLC to it wouldn't be a bad thing?

I know what you're thinking well, how do I make time for it? My answer is - Sundays. For me, Sunday's and actually Friday evenings are the perfect pamper time for me. Friday's are all about getting yourself looking weekend ready - whether it be perfecting your skin, scrubbing with a deep exfoliator or applying a bit of tan. Sunday's are about revitalizing your body after a long weekend of partying and a whole week of hiding your skin in make up. Every now and again giving your body a good breather is something I truly believe in. Not only does it detox/refresh your body  I feel it also refreshes your mind and makes you feel good about yourself.

In the picture above I have included some of the essential products I believe are crucial in devising the perfect pamper evening. So lets go in chronological order. Before you hop into the bath, light those Candles in your room to create a lovely soothing aroma for when you're ready to climb into bed - my favourite at the minute is Cassis from The White Company. Next up is the Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate. I like to use this on evenings where  I want to have an early night and this product does just the job, the smell puts you into a dozy state and leaves you feeling ready to hop into your bed. Once you've had a nice relaxing bubble bath, be sure to lather on some moisturizer and body butter, this time round I went for the Botanicals Moisturizing Balm as my skin was feeling extra dry so was in need of something super hydrating. I then covered my body in the Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion to leave me smelling amazing and my skin feeling super nourished. Before you get into bed don't forget to reach for Soap & Glory Heel Genius! Your feet are one of the most neglected parts of your body so its important to give your tootsies a little attention now and again. Heel Genius is the perfect quick fix because all you need to do is rub in a pea sized amount of this product on each foot and then pop on some cotton socks overnight to allow it to work its magic whilst you sleep. The last thing you need to do before climbing into bed is to blow out those Candles, pop on an Eye Mask to guarantee you an uninterrupted lovely night's sleep, my choice of Eye Mask is from Victoria's Secret.

How do you have the perfect pamper evening?

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