Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Health & Fitness: Ways To Stay Motivated

Morning guys! So it's still January and hopefully a lot of you have still got that motivation to get fit and create a healthier lifestyle in 2015.

It can be very difficult to stay motivated and at moments of weakness it can be hard to resist temptations. I sometimes cave in and grab a bar of chocolate or a bowl of sugary cereal because I have the worst sweet tooth but the majority of the time I have been trying really hard to stay on track and along the way discover some healthier alternatives to my sweet treats. Just like showering and getting clean doesn't last - neither does motivation and it's recommended that you do it daily!

Ways in which I try to get my self fired up for the week is by checking out Food blogs and Pinterest to give me an idea of the sort of Food I want to be cooking up in the kitchen for that week. I then create a little list of what I'll need and off to do the supermarket dash I go! Blogs that I love reading to give me some food inspo are Oh She Glows & Minimalist Baker - these have tonnes of ideas to get your mouth watering and they're all pretty much healthy vegan or vegetarian! I also like to have a good old peep at the Honestly Healthy & Fashercise websites as well for tips and some tasty recipes.

I'm a very visual person so I need to feed my self with visual images and videos to keep me motivated. I would totally recommend Fully Raw Kristina on Youtube for tips and recipes on leading an active lifestyle - Kristina leads a fully raw Vegan lifestyle but even if you don't you can still use her Videos for some inspiration. I would also recommend the Instagram page ChloesFitness - a fairly recent discovery but Chloe is Vegan and post's some great Food ideas and just has an all round fantastic Instagram page!

I also love to keep up with Vivianna Does Make Up - Anna has started posting a lot more Food & Fitness post's as of late and it is great to get tips from like-minded people. I also love to see other people's progress. Last year Anna took up running and has been entering herself into all sorts of races including a half marathon. This makes me feel very bitter that all the while I have been watching Anna's progress I could have been getting on with getting fitter my self! It just shows how much progress you can make in a short period of time if you put your mind to it and I think it's great to update people with your progress.

Another thing  I would suggest doing if your 1000% dedicated to a lifestyle change is setting up an Instagram page specifically to track your progress - almost like a food diary and fitness progress page. I recently did this and feel it's great because you've got so many other people to hold your accountable for your actions and well if your photographing everything that you scoff then you're less likely to eat junk! It's also a great way to get motivation by scrolling through other people's posts and daily quotes.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

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