Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Peek Into The Beauty Bag - The Sister Edition

Hey my lovelies so today for you, I have something rather different to my usual posts in the fact that it's not about me or any of the products I own. Instead, I thought I would give you all a break from my blabbering and introduce you to my sister - Paris and the contents of her make up bag and skin care routine.

So before Paris gives you the low down on her must have Skin Care products products or her military procedure skin care routine I thought I would just tell you a bit about her and why I thought she was a good first candidate for this blog post. So of course, Paris is my older sister (not the eldest she's the middle one, I'm the youngest). She is 22 and currently studying to become a Nurse at Northumbria University. Paris' life involves juggling working at Costa, working out in the gym like a mad woman, eating pizza & kinder Happy Hippos and squeezing in time to make herself look like a princess every day! Paris & I are very similar in the fact that we either wear no make up at all and totally chill out or we go completely over the top and dress ourselves up to look like a Prin, no in between and no exceptions. Although we differ in numerous ways, a topic that always brings us both together is Shopping. We're both self confessed beauty addicts, whilst make up is my fort and of course -Paris's, skin care is definitely something Paris is an expert in. She has her skin care routine down to a T, I mean I've been taking notes cause this girl is always glowing. So without no further a-due here is Paris and her must have products!

*Enter Paris*
So today, my sister has asked me to talk about my skincare routine. I have suffered with acne for a few years now, many girls and boys do suffer from this and it can lower your confidence. My skincare is very important and I truly believe that having a good routine can help to minimize this and also repair the skin. I choose to use products from the Clarins skincare range because they use natural ingredients and they feel great on your skin.

My Morning Routine 
Every morning I cleanse and moisturize my skin with Clarins Combination Skin Facial Cleanser and the Alpine Willow Herb Toner, the cleanser refreshes my skin whilst the toner has a soothing affect. This always leaves my skin feeling fresh and revived. You have to remember that during the night you do sweat and pick up bacteria from your pillows so it is important to just cleanse your face in a morning to help remove any bacteria. To finish off my morning routine I always apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, this product is fantastic for brightening up tired skin and leaves your skin with a fresh natural looking glow.

My Evening Routine
Every girls knows there is nothing better than taking your make up off after a long day and letting your skin breathe. To start off my night time routine I use Clarins Manuka Honey Cleansing Melt Gel, I simply apply this directly onto my skin and rub in circular motions for about a minute then I remove using warm water and cotton pads.

Twice a week I exfoliate my skin using Clarins Exfoliating Refiner, this Exfoliator is perfect for your face and feels great on your skin. The soft microbeads gently massage your skin whilst removing dead skin cells and debris, leaving you with perfectly smooth & soft skin.

One product that has been like gold dust for me is the new Re-Balancing Oil made from 100% Lotus Oil. I was first given a sample of this from the beauty counter and was recommended this to help with the acne on my face. I remember thinking is this woman crazy, surely oil would just make it worse?! Anyway I tried this product for a week using the sample bottle I was given. On the fourth day I woke up and I looked in the mirror and could not believe how clear and soothed my skin looked. Before then, I could not remember the last time I looked into the mirror and felt nice with my make up on, it felt amazing and made day. Now I apply a few drops onto my skin every night and massage it into my skin (you can also add a few drops to your moisturizer). I found that whenever a spot flares up this oil seems to reduce the inflammation around that and calms the skin down. So to anyone with bad skin, try this product because it worked wonders for me and I couldn't live without it. It is pricey and costs £36 but it is worth every drop. Next time you're around a Clarins beauty counter don't be afraid to ask staff for a sample because that's why they have them.

So - I hope you enjoyed reading a slice of my sisters insight into skincare and hopefully it has given you all some super top tips - especially if you suffer with bad skin! If you would like to see another post like this please pop a comment below. I really enjoyed working with Paris on this post and hope you all had fun reading it!

Do you use Clarins? What are your must-have Skin Care products?

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