Thursday, 7 August 2014

This is One For The Blonde Gals'

Morning guys! Today I want to talk to you about, well as the title suggests - having blonde hair and the perks of it (there are many).

Now I'm a blondie myself and have been for the majority of my life. Although, I have had pretty much every hair colour going - we'll save that for another post. Anyways, back to the main point which is yes my hair colour is naturally very fair (a golden blonde/mucky blonde tone)  and although I have opted for colours such as Berry Red, Brown & Ombre in the past years - I always revert back to Blonde. Strange actually when I had my hair Brown and decided to start going back Blonde, just after my first session of highlights, I went on a night out in town, bumped into a couple of old friends and they all said 'ah the old Blonde Lara is back!'. So, presumably it appears everyone else prefers for me to be a Blondie as well. Fine by me. I mean it's not like I'm scared to dye my hair any other colour, because I'm not and I do have random bursts of wanting to be Brunette but what I'm saying is that I always go back to being Blonde and it's kinda my comfort blanket. I just feel more me with fair hair.  PS. I know my hair isn't blonde on my picture to the right, my page needs a revamp!

Anyways - enough of me going on and on. What I wanted to share with you is why I think having Blonde hair is great and how to care for it. I am by no means a hairdresser and also do not consider my self to have the perfect hair which is in amazing condition, because well if I'm being brutally honest - it's not. Being Blonde really damages your hair but this post will hopefully give you a few tips for making it look good and maintaining that lovely colour. Whatever end of the spectrum you're on (Golden Blonde - Platinum) this post is for you.

So first of all lets talk daily maintenance - something that has only recently come to my attention. As a fellow Blondie I'm sure you guys will empathize with me when I say my hair always gets a little dry, sometimes gets split ends and well is sooo knotty 24/7. Having this colour hair means you need to give it extra TLC. My new go-to Shampoo & Conditioner is the Tigi - Dumb Blonde Range. My hairdresser uses this on me when I get my hair done and it made it feel that soft I ended up purchasing my own. The Dumb Blonde range helps to maintain the colour that you worked so hard to achieve, keeps it looking healthy and strong and just smells absolutley amazing! You can pretty much pick these up from most Hair Salons that stock the Tigi range and although the price is a little steep, it's totally worth it as they last forever.

Quick note - if you're from the Retford/Doncaster/Worksop area, I would totally recommend Soul Urban. This is where I go to get my hair done and they're absolutely fantastic. Sharni & her team are super talented and friendly. They will always meet your needs and also offer Teeth Whitening etc. Check out her website HERE.

Next up lets talk weekly maintenance. Once or Twice a week when my hair is feeling a little dull and has turned a little off-colour, my holy grail-must have product if you're blonde is the Pro-Voke Touch of Silver 'Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo'. This product is amazing! If you have any yellowy/brassy tones going through your hair. This will get rid of them and turn your hair into more of a silvery tone. I will say though - do not leave this product on for very long especially if you're hair is already really really light as it will turn Violet (I have first hand experience). Don't let this put you off though, just make sure you only leave the Shampoo on just a little longer than you normally would. If you take it off too quick it wont have time to work it's magic! Also, I was advised by hairdresser to only use this once or twice a week (as it says on the bottle) because it can really dry your hair out if used too often. At one point I was using it every time I washed my hair - not good! Oh also, as you can see in the picture Pro-Voke offer a Hair Spray especially for blondes too. I've only used this once so far but once I have developed an opinion on it, I promise you will be the first to know ;)

Last but not least - when they say 'Blondes have more fun' they weren't lying. We really do. Having Blonde hair is great. Fed up of having silvery hair? Why not a Peach tone or have a Lilac Ombre? Having Blonde hair really means you can play with colour - because your hair is bleached you can buy semi permanent hair dyes that will cling to your hair, whereas it wouldn't have much effect on a Brunette, if any at all! In-between visits to the Salon, I sometimes get bored with the way my hair looks - that's when I discovered Bleach London and Directions. These companies offer Semi-Permanent Hair Colours to apply to your hair. The best thing is, the colours are usually pastel so they fade quickly usually in 2-10 washes. I got this mini kit from Bleach London in the picture above for £7, which I think is great value. So far, I've tried out Awkward Peach and absolutely loved the results and so did everyone else. I will road test the others and maybe in another post will show you all the different hair colours I've had through the years!

If you would like to see some more posts on being Blonde please just comment below :)

What is your favourite thing about being Blonde?

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