Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Ultimate Festival Kit

Morning guys! So as you know, festival season is fast approaching and I thought it would be a great time to put together a little go-to make up kit for whilst you're out in the wilderness and most likely under the influence of some alcoholic substance! Think of this as your  fuss free, minimalist, super helpful mini kit. Now, as you guys already know I'm really not a high street make up kinda girl, well not normally any way... that was until I came across the quirky products that W7 do and then I turned into an excited kid in a sweet shop. I never really took much notice of the W7 brand but when I was introduced to some of their super handy products I was impressed.

Anyway - This little kit is made up of Hair Chalk,Fixer Spray, Brow & Lash Gel & Concealer*. When you're out paddling in wellies, wearing short shorts and embracing the music you want a go-to look that is quick to do, doesn't feel cakey and stay's all day whilst still maintaining that festival spirit with a dash of colour.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered the wonders of hair chalk and wow have I been missing out. As somebody who has silvery/platinum hair and likes to play with colour, this is definitely my kinda product. Hair chalk comes in loads of different colours. All you have to do it literally like paint it onto your hair. The one I've used in my picture is perfect because you use it the same way you would use straighteners - glide it through the bits of your hair you want to have an effect on. I went for the Lilac/Violet colour because basically I already have a bit of a Lilac Ombre look going on anyway so I thought that when it fades after washes I could use my hair chalk to maintain the colour until I'm due my next hair appointment. I was sooooo pleased because when I applied the colour to my hair it was a perfect match to my existing Lilac. At first it looks the colour looks abit strong but when you brush it through it turns to a pastel colour, its amazing! See the picture below for the results:

If you aren't normally somebody who goes crazy with colour but want to fit in with the whole festival look - Hair Chalk is probably a good option for you. If you are fair haired like me also, you can play about with just about any colour and if you don't like it it's not a problem because it isn't permanent.

Next in your little kit is the Make Up Fixer Spray - This miniature product is a perfect travel size. I have the MAC Fix+ Spray which is great but the bottle is huge (I know there is a MAC travel version but it is quite pricey and this is a lot more affordable.) Now my only issue with this Fixer Spray is that it doesn't smell fantastic but it does the job so what more could one want?!

This clear Brow Gel is really good for keeping them Brows tamed throughout the week. You could either use this clear gel or a coloured version like the Benefit Gimme Brow which I already reviewed here and it's awesome!

Concealer is last in my little kit that I have compiled for y'all. When you're at a festival you don't want to be wearing heavy make up as you'll be out in the sun most of the day and make up melting off your face aint a good look! A simple concealer should do the trick to hide those tired I've been up all night kind of eyes and any pesky spots that appear throughout the week.

Will you be taking a kit like this? If you want more posts like this from me please let me know because  I found it so fun creating this!

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