Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May Wishlist

May Wishlist

Opi nail polish, $17 / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics sheer foundation, $44 / MAC Cosmetics makeup brush / Benefit mascara

It's that time of the month again where I'm pondering about what sort of products I hope to purchase on pay day! I mean it's generally a never ending list but if I had to narrow it down to just a few of the products I am desperate to get hold of (whether I will or not is a different question). So yeah, this is my lust list for this month.

As you can see above there is the Bobbi Brown Sheer Foundation Stick. Now, I've never used a Foundation Stick before and this really intrigues me. Whether it would just be a hand bag staple that I use on the go I don't quite know. All I know is I really want to try it!

Moving swiftly on to the right is the OPI Nail Lacquer in shade 'I can't find my Czechbook'. Now for all of you who don't already know. I never paint my nails and there is a valid reason for it - I'm bloody awful at it! I have the least steady hand in the world which usually results in varnish all over the skin surrounding my nail. Not only that but when I actually finish my nails I always always forgot that I've painted them and end up smudging them. So, my sister is now my newly appointed nail technician! Whenever I want my nails doing my sister will gladly do them and actually make them look half decent.  Now why this shade you ask? Well as you're probably aware - I am obsessed with the film Frozen (as with the majority of girls in the UK) and a while ago I saw a blogger write a post about Frozen inspired nails (Sorry I can't remember who) but they looked sooo pretty and I thought straight away - I'm all over that! So the plan is, I'm going to get this nail lacquer and ask my sister to paint my nails inspired by Frozen - in preparation for me going to Stockholm. The shade is kind of similar to the Swedish flag AND I'm going to an ice bar whilst I'm there so really it does all tie in perfectly! I have far too much time on my hands, I know...

Next on the list is the Benefit - They're Real Mascara. I don't actually have this my self but when I stayed at my sisters house a couple of weeks ago I asked if I could pinch hers and have a trial run and wow it really is a brilliant mascara. I have long eyelashes anyway but this mascara actually did make my look at though I had false eyelashes! The only problem was - because my eyelashes were so long they rubbed on my skin and gave me a bit of a panda eye issue. However, because it was such a good mascara I do really want to purchase it. I guess I will have to maybe be a little more patient in application and let the mascara dry properly before dashing off out the house!

Last but certainly not least is the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation and the MAC 217 Blending Brush. The hype I've heard about the Chanel foundation has made me desperate to get it in my arms, along with the fact the packaging is so neat and chic! I have a feeling though that it is going to have a similiar finish to the YSL Touche Eclait Foundation.

The MAC 217 Brush has been on my mental wishlist for a long time now. Beauty bloggers seem to swear by this tool. I guess the reason I have to yet to have purchased it so far is because I do think £18 is expensive for a little blending brush but still - nevertheless, this doesn't change my want for this product.

Are any of these products on your wishlist this month? What is on your wishlist? I would love to know :) 


  1. Gorgeous wishlist! That MAC brush is in my wishlist too!

  2. I love that OPI colour, so pretty! And very Frozen-esque, you're right :)

    The Oxford Owl


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