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April Wishlist - Beauty Products

April Wishlist

April Wishlist by whatlaradidnext featuring lips makeup

Shown above are just a few of the products I hope to get hold of this month!

I'm always on the look out for 'must have' items and which in my case is pretty much everything.  However, I've narrowed it down to the select few items that I'm desperate to get hold of.

Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Conditioner - The last year or so I've been in the process of going back blonde and my hair is FINALLY at a blonde/silvery stage mixed with lilac tones thanks to Soul Urban! I understand that I now need to give my hair a bit of TLC and really look after it to maintain this lovely colour I've achieved.

MAC Mineralize Bronzer - If I'm honest this is a product that I actually need! I always use this bronzer as it got such a lovely finish and I've recently ran out so I've been borrowing my mums bronzer every morning which I don't think she is too impressed about but I've just not had time to go shopping recently.

MAC Lipglass - I am soooo desperate to get hold of a MAC Lipglass I've heard so many good reviews on them. As you all probably know by now I am 'die-hard' fan of MAC. I have lots of Lipsticks by them but no glosses and I think this would be a perfect summer addition to my make up bag.

Benefit High Beam - This is another beauty product I have been wanting for ages. Admittedly the only reason I haven't bought it is because I think it's quite expensive for the size of it but heaven knows I will still more than likely part with the money in exchange for this cute little make up must have. I have used High Beam before (borrowed my sisters) and it does add a really nice sheer effect to your cheek & brow bones.

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - Initially, the thing that reeled me in on this product is the fact it has the word 'breakfast' in it, silly I know right?! But Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and it looks good enough to eat! I am also already a big lover of S&G so just know that I will love this Breakfast Smoothie Scrub. You can never give your body too much Soap & Glory loving!

Lush Oatifix Face Mask - Lush is a place I absolutely love, I totally believe in what they're trying to achieve and probably don't buy enough as I should from there. I really want to get this Oatifix Face Mask, I have used it before. A few months back I popped into store and one of the lovely sales assistants kindly gave me some sampels of this and I absolutley loved it. It smells of wholesome oats and when you put it on you just know the nourishing ingredients are feeding your face with goodness! I also really like the fact you have to keep it in the fridge because all the ingredients are natural.

Lush Golden Egg- Now I know every harry and larry seems to be talking about this bath bomb but I am seriously so desperate to try it regardless. It just looks so pretty and glittery!

MAC Berry Lipstick - I have tonnes of Lipsticks, especially ones from MAC but for some reason all of mine appear to be Matte. I am soooo in need of one that's a bit glossier but one that stays put. This will be perfect for me. I know it's more of a winter shade but I really just don't suit peachy shades and always look best when I opt for a bold, dark statement look.

Naked 2 Palette Urban Decay - Again, I know this is a 'beauty blogger must have' but I am behind with the times okay so don't judge me. Plus the fact I've been using a Front Cover Palette that I've had for literally years (bad I know) but the hues are really similiar to the Naked Palette so I've never felt the need to have this in my life until now and now it's actually caught my eye I want it so bad - hurry up pay day!

Whats on your April Wishlist?

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