Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My face off with Nadine Mendess

Hello lovelies!

If any of you have been following 'The Face' on Sky Living over the past couple of months then you will no doubt already have heard of the amazingly beautiful - Nadine Mendes! After a heated final face off last night Nadine came out in 4th place after making it to the final. Throughout the competition she walked til the death in catwalks and posed elegantly in photo shoots, proving her to be one of the strongest girls in the competition that is The Face. Teamed alongside her mentor Caroline Winberg, Nadine did an amazing job in the comp and will no doubt have an outstanding modelling career ahead of her. Luckily, I managed to grab her for a quick 5 minute interview with the girl herself and found out a little more about her experience on The Face.

Are you glad you're in team Caroline? 
Initially, I wanted to be in team Naomi, but I'm so thankful to be in team Caroline. I get along with all the girls and that makes the experience more enjoyable.

2. Had you done any modelling before The Face? I've been modelling part-time for 4 years, whenever I get time off from education really.

3. What is your dream campaign? (Beauty, high fashion, Marc Jacobs, vogue etc??)
My dream campaigns would be Burberry and Victoria Secrets, both brands portray a luxurious style of living; and it would be a dream come true to live it, even just for a day.

4. What's Caroline like as a person?
Caroline is such a lovely person, she's humble and very easy to talk to. The majority of the time it feels like she is one of the girls :)

5. What was it like to be in the presence of 3 hugely successful models?
It's was such an honour, but at the same time scary! Their presence was so strong, and they were great at whatever modelling skills we had to learn. There was quite a lot of pressure on us as upcoming models!

6. If you could do The Face again what team would you like to be in?
CAROLINE!!! I really loved being a part of Caroline's team and the girls were very easy to work with. I managed to learn so much with my mentor, and I was always encouraged to do better in a positive and constructive way.

7. How's life since The Face? I'm currently living abroad, as part of my university course so I been experiencing something new, travelling and having fun. I do miss the crew from The Face!

8. What top tips would you give to other aspiring models?
Don't give up, practise a lot and don't ever forget you’re fabulous.

9. Who was your best friend on the show?
I got along with almost every girl in the competition but I would say Eleanor and Elaine.

10. Have you met any Celebs since appearing on the show? Yes, I met a few people from the A list :)

11. You have such flawless skin, what is your secret?
All I do is wash, cleanse and moisturise. When I'm not modelling I don't wear a lot of make-up and I think that leaves your skin looking fresh.

12. How do you keep in shape? I always attempt to go gym or do some sort of exercise but never stick to it. I would say I'm naturally skinny.

13. Name 3 items you couldn't live without. Lip-gloss, my phone, and body lotion!

14. What was the atmosphere like in the house? We didn't spend much time at the house; it was early mornings and late nights. However the atmosphere was quite relaxed and chilled apart from elimination days when the losing teams were moody... and when most of the arguments happened.


  1. Absolutley loving the face! I new Noami had a reputation but wow shes fierce! Nadine and Eleanor were defintly my favourite i cant wait to see more from them! great interview!!


  2. Great interview doll!
    I found your contact as you follow a blog I do , I'd love it if you came to check out my blog, I blog on fashion and now fitness and maybe if you like it we could follow each other!

    Love Aimee,
    Instagram: @newyorkdollblog
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