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MAC Wish List

MAC Must-Haves/Wish List

MAC Must-Haves/Wish List by whatlaradidnext 

As you all probably know from my previous posts on MAC foundation - I am a huge fan of MAC! If a product is that little bit more expensive but has better ingredients and qualities then I will always pay that little bit extra. Products I always buy from MAC without fail are my Foundation, Powder & Bronzer. However, the issue I face is: I see all these lovely products in MAC that I would like to purchase but god they're just so damn expensive. :( I always want to buy extras such as a brush cleanser but just cant justify it. 

In the collage above I have listed the products I really want! I currently use the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which - don't get me wrong is really good and I've used it for the past 2 years now, but I just never feel like it lasts all day. It has great coverage and the NC 15 tone is the perfect shade for my skin (the most pale shade they do might I add) but it just doesn't last too great. So the other day I went into one of the MAC stores to discuss this with one of their make up artists. The first question she asked me was 'do you use a brush?' and of course my answer was no, which is silly really because I was bought a MAC brush set for Christmas. The reason I didn't use the foundation brush was because it always used to look 'liney' on my face but I think this was down to me being too inpatient to blend it in correctly. The first thing I did yesterday when I was doing my make up ( as the make up artist suggested) was to wash my foundation brush with some shampoo and then use it to apply my make up on. I'm so glad I listened to her because now I don't have to use as much foundation and I have a good even coverage.

She did however direct me to another foundation which is similar but has a slight more heavier finish, which was what I wanted ideally. It was the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation aaaaand because I told her the studio fix powder I occasionally used gives me dry skin she showed me the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which is a lot lighter on the skin and a lot kinder! So I said that when my current foundation is empty I will return and opt for these alternatives to give a try. 

With the weather getting colder and my skin being pale and extremely sensitive - I've also found some skin products that I would like to purchase at some point for my delicate skin (praying it will work wonders). First of all the Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator lets be honest even the substance in this bottle looks appealing - sparkly black! Who wouldn't want that? Anyways, this exfoliator is a blend of Volcanic Ash and Fine Sugar Crystals, the finish result is said to unclog & refine skin whilst at the same time making it soft and mineral-rich. At a quite expensive £22, I think I would be willing to try this product purely because of its unique look in appearance. Next on the skincare list regime would be the Lightful Moisture Creme  as my skin gets dry so easily and this product promises to hydrate your skin, as well as making your skin appear more luminous. The other skin care product I would really like to purchase is Mineralize Charged Water a liquid product that keeps your make up stay put all day long and replenishes your skin in the process. I often come home looking in the mirror thinking 'have I really looked like that all day' so if I could buy this product I wouldn't feel so miserable and self-conscious all the time. 

Last on my list is the primer which I really really need to invest in as it will again keep my make up on my face all day!! 

What do you think to my MAC wish list? What beauty products would you reccomend? 

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