Friday, 20 September 2013

Midnight Madness Velvet Crush

Midnight Madness Velvet Crush

Summer has gone for another year and the Autumn/Winter season is now sneaking upon us. This means - bright colours swapped for moody palettes. Think blacks, deep red and purple tones, crushed velvet and as always - leather.

Not sure about you guys but during the colder months I turn into a gothic princess/member of the addams family. (even more so than usual). I really think winter is my time to shine clothes wise, moodiness and gloominess is how I do!!

In this collage I've featured two items that are velvet, now normally this would completely freak me out as the feel of velvet goes through me! It's not quite as bad as the feel of cotton wool but it's definitely up there with the worst. Eeeek! This year however I've had a change of heart. The velvety textured garments that are slowly creeping into Topshop are beautiful - I'm seriously crushing on them right now. I feel the material in itself adds a dose of nostalgia to the mix. When I think velvet, I always think of moth bitten curtains in a haunted house and with Halloween not so far away, this is definitely the look I wanna go for. The deep purple-black lipstick, nail lacquer and smokey eye palette just really finishes this grungey looking outfit perfectly for me. Whilst the silver crystal headdress just adds a smidge of girliness.

Winter fashion is my favourite by a mile, probably due to the fact my wardrobe is rammed full of black items of clothing.

Will you be wearing crushed velvet, berry red lips and leather this A/W?

Midnight Madness Velvet Crush by whatlaradidnext featuring a purple lipstick

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