Friday, 9 August 2013

Werp 90's Luxe

Werp 90's Luxe

Werp 90's Luxe by whatlaradidnext featuring chain jewelry

So the other day I went a little River Island mad. Obsessed with leather clothing as it is, it was almost impossible to snub this leather panel tee in the just arrived section. The further I wandered into the shop, the more in awe I was when I stumbled across these incredible checked trousers. I was extremely surprised with my self that I had picked these trousers up because normally the only type of trousers I wear in any form - are black. These trousers really  just captured my eye. Although the pattern is simple; mixed with the right pieces they really do look cat walk ready. The two pieces combined with the kimono, statement gold jewellery and the tassled patent loafers just creates a 90's luxe street style vibe.

I feel that River Island really is stepping up recently and becoming a lot more high fashion and knowledgeable on how to replicate  luxury brands into high street, and this outfit I've put together creates a fantastic off duty look. In my next post you will see how good the outfit does look on. Usually I go into the changing feeling disgusted with my reflection but upon trying this outfit on - for once in my life I almost felt I actually looked good. 


  1. Need the top, trousers and chain!! Great style!

  2. Loving this outfit so much! It's just perfect! <3
    You have a great blog, also. I'm following you via GFC and Bloglovin'

    Keep it up,
    Joana from Who the Fuck is Chanel


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