Sunday, 4 August 2013

Using Pintrest to boost my inner creativity!

As all bloggers know (or should know by now) - Pintrest is amaze. It's like a blogger's paradise. What ever did we do without it? 

Ok so I've had Pintrest for ages, but shamefully enough - up until about a month ago I didn't really use it, mainly because I didn't understand how it all works...but now I'm a woman obsessed. It brings out my my ID and my Superego all at once. That was a psychological reference to Freud, if you ever did Psychology. I did and I got a U (wow). Anyway, that story is for another day!

So the last couple of weeks  I have been checking out all the amazing crafts and DIY stuff you can do at really great prices. I've slowly been collecting DIY cut outs so that I can start to blog about them more and just been generally more creative. Making your own ornaments is tonnes of fun because you can make presents for others and for yourself. Once I've got my self together and have devised a plan; be prepared to get your hands covered in glitter and glue because I'm gonna be making these DIY blog posts a whole lot more regular. I did a DIY demo on Tie-Dye tops once which you can view Here. I just think it is important to flourish my own creativity and show you all what I create, so that you can do the same. 

However, today I have been looking at the Food & Drinks page on Pinners as I, again want to be more creative and start making super healthy food from scratch. With my boyfriend playing football a lot and me being a feeder, I think it would be nice to make some delish grub for when he gets home. Today I am thinking something Moroccan with Chicken in it.  

Shock though, as per I got distracted. Pintrest is full of desserts varying from homemade cheesecakes to  peppermint cookies and oh my they look UNREAL. 

You can check out the recipes: Here , here and here.

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