Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Product Review: Backcomb In A Bottle

Ever since I've been interested in fashion, beauty and wearing make up, all I have ever known is a life led by shockingly flat and deflated hair. Why? Why was I born with long thick hair that has absolutely no volume? And the thing is - no matter how much hair spray I use or how much I back comb my hair to death, I have never once been able to achieve a sleek look in which my hair stays in place the whole night! (Just thank your self that you aren't me!)

Anyways, I've tried every kind of hairspray, salt spray and volume spray you can think of and yet still...NOTHING.

I've been a fan of the Umberto Giannini range for a while now, especially this grungey collection which is packaged in a matte black cylinder with a silver lid that features a fashion illustration on the bottle. So after wandering past this little beauty in Boots for months on end I finally gave in to my tight fisted ways and decide to purchase the 'Backcomb In A Bottle'.

I mean great, what could be better than a spray that backcombs your hair for you without having to torture your hair with a comb and tonnes of hairspray?! 

So without babbling on anymore, without no further do, here is the verdict:
*It DOES give your hair that extra poof that you need.
*The packaging is LFW worthy (world class!).
*I wouldn't say it completely backcombs your hair for you because that is impossible.
*& It keeps your hair in place which is great
Tip: don't spray too close to your hair or it will go rock solid and look unclean - as I found out when I did it the other week. 

In other words: go grab one for yourself! 

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