Friday, 16 August 2013

Lady Gaga makes a scandalous return: ARTPOP

Little Monsters were bursting with excitement the other week when Lady Gaga finally announced the release of the first single off her new album. The track APPLAUSE is set to storm its way through the charts and the expectations for the soon to be released album ARTPOP are even higher. With nearly 40 million followers on Twitter, I just know that Gaga is going to be a sell  out!

ARTPOP is completely different to anything she has ever done before - rather than just being an album, Gaga states ARTPOP is a 'multimedia experience', meaning there will be an app that is compatible with pretty much every device and you will be able to see videos to accompany every song, engage in live chats and discussions, as well as receiving fashion updates!

As a huge Gaga fan myself, I was so happy to finally hear of a release date for Applause which is on the 19th of August. Hooraaaayyy! However, my only worry is that Born This Way was such a huge success and is still to date my fave album I'm just worried mother monster wont be able to convert me to an ARTPOP fan. As ever though, Gaga has entered a new era in a musical career so everyone can expect a complete change in the artists' style. The transformation from a black studded and leather hooker boots kinda girl to a painting canvas wonder has already begun.

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  1. Love her so much!!! Can' wait to hear the whole album :) xx


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