Friday, 14 June 2013

Social Media and Portals of communication.

Without social networking where would we be today? - The answer is probably outside and being active. However, like myself (and who ever is reading this blog post) is instead cooped up inside staring at your computer screen. Either that or you enjoy my blog so much that you are reading it off your iphone blogging app - in which case, thank you! Now I'm going off on one.

But anyway, we are overwhelmed by the amount of social networking sites and have all become whizzes on all things internet. We're blogging, we're tweeting, we're keeking, we're instagramming and of course we're facebooking. So the next time somebody sends you an email to inform you about your recent unsuccessful job application you can send them a long witty essay telling them how unfortunate they are not to have an internet savvy blogging queen to fill the job position. Joking of course, but seriously they have missed out. Who cares? All it means to us internet addicts, is more time to procrastinate choosing the perfect Instagram filter!

On a serious note however, having an awareness of all the social networking platforms out there is important if you want to break into the industry these days. Companies aren't just looking for girls who know their Versace to their Alexander Mcqueen - they're also looking for people like us. Signing up to these accounts and updating them regularly will boost your chances of getting an internship at a magazine. So even if you've never had a job and are still struggling to get one, then make social networking your job. Educate yourself on all things social media and thank me later!

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