Tuesday, 6 November 2012

winter frost bite!

This weekend was pay day at work, which is obviously my favourite thing ever and I was treated especially well this month, because I worked more hours than normal due to Halloween - meaning more $$. However, being the dreadful person I am, the next day day I intended on going Christmas shopping buuuut you know how it is. There were several items I had my heart set on all month and therefore had to purchase them. I came to an agreement in my head that I would spend half of the money on my self and the rest on buying presents and luckily I stuck to this little arrangement. 

First of all I headed to Topshop (of course) and spent a dismal £80 in there all on my self. The picture in the top left shows me modelling some of my purchases. Don't judge me ok, I'm totally into this whole army trend but I refuse to buy a Camo jacket simply because of the stigma attached. I would rather not be referred to as a 'hipster' thank you very much, however I think this plain army print tee deemed more acceptable, as well as keeping on trend. Absolutely loving my spiked necklace which I got in the sale for £3.50, just call me a bargain hunter! Anyways, the shopping trip was successful and I got everything I went for. anyone else feeling the cold as much as I am. Pretty sure my entire body went numb last night at the fireworks display?! Not impressed. However, i only have my self to blame for not wearing gloves - because don't get me wrong, winter is definitely my favourite season! I absolutely love the whole wrapping up warm and the run down to Christmas. I especially love winter fashion - I genuinely really dislike summer fashion, its so tacky; to me fashion is all about layers and accessories and how can you possibly do that when its sizzling hot? Anyone else get any bargains this week or go to a bonfire?


  1. Love that cross necklace, you picked up such a great bargain with that spiked necklace! xx


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