Friday, 19 October 2012

Witching Hour

With Halloween creeping up on us, we're all on the search for that perfect costume. - But, who says that Halloween is just for children? - And who's rule was it that you're only allowed to dress up as a witch or a cat? Everyone loves to play dress up and with the new Witching Hour collection on Topshop, I had to literally stop my self from 'adding to basket' (with no intentions of actually purchasing anything!).  

This new trend is for the gothic goddess within. Its a mean, dark and enchanting trend that focuses on mystery and statement looks. Whilst scrolling through the amazing pieces this trend has to offer, I decided to do a 'get the look' because of course its getting to that doom and gloom time of year... and well what better way to embrace the horrific English weather and dark nights, than by dressing head to toe in black? 

We've all got a bit of Adams Family lurking within somewhere. So, I of course chose a leather jacket to go with the outfit simply because its a timeless garment that is also a staple wardrobe item. (bible. honestly it works wonders for even most outrageous items you may have hidden in your closet). This is an oversized biker jacket. If you feel the oversized look doesn't quite cut it for you and you feel like a motorcyclist rookie, then you can always opt for a more feminine alternative. Deep berry lipstick to finish off the outfit, teamed with a smokey eye palette, you're onto a winner. I chose these studded platforms because they're on keeping with the trend but don't overpower the rest of the outfit or cause any distractions. Then of course, the bralet and midi skirt with a lace over lay for the gothic queen within. - Happy Haunting my lovelies (cackles on que). 


  1. Love these Topshop items, and every girl should own a leather jacket! ox

  2. Lovely blog sweetie! I want the skirt myself hehe I love topshop lippy I'm addicted to their matte ones hehe
    I'm def a new follower fancy a follow back?

  3. I totally agree, I'd be nothing without my leather jacket. Well,actually i have three oooooops but still doesn't feel like enough! I need stopping before i go ott haha.

    I want all the items too. Topshop is amazing, i love it :-). To be honest I've never bought any of the make up from Topshop I've always been a loyal shopper to MAC, although I do have a similiar shade to the lipstick I've displayed. I should probably try out some of their cosmetics!!

    Thank you very much, thanks for the follow i'm deffs gonna follow you back.

    Lara xo

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I wear my leather jacket on practically every night out, I've had it for years! I also seen those shoes in Topshop the other day, they have so many nice shoes I wish I could have them all, oh well a girl can dream haha!

    Chloe xx

  5. These things are beautiful, especially the skirt! I cannot wait to dress up, even though I'm not too sure what to dress up as yet! And i love leather jackets, mine got ruined and I'm still yet to replace it :( xxx

  6. Ohh, That lipstick looks beautiful.
    I haven't tried any topshop lips yet, but might need to buy that for halloween!

    Your blog is lovely, looking forward to seeing more from you.
    *New Follower*

    Come and have a look at mine, and follow if you like too! x

  7. You're welcome! ...Me too Sophie, at my work we normally dress up on halloween and I'm not sure what I'm wearing yet but I've already invested in some green and black face paint before it sells out and I plan on wearing my Russian red mac lipstick as I don't get much wear out of it!

    Thanks so much :D I'm just trying to get the hang of it but its taking me a while (slow learner :-( )
    Sure I'll follow you. xo

  8. Some great picks! Loving the all black, smoky eyes, dark lips combination!

    Sita xx

  9. Absolutely love that skirt! I love your blog so much! Especially your 'about me' section! We are too similar haha!

    Keep in touch xxx :)

  10. Love your blog, the leather jacket is lovely!

    I'm a new blogger and I've followed you do you think you could follow back :)

  11. Love the things you've chosen, who needs Halloween as an excuse! X

  12. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :-)
    I've followed you all :D xx

  13. love what you chose! it is goth glam going on! Could you please consider following each other? i think you could really like my blog! Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  14. Thanks! I'm totally going for this kind of look when we dress up at work for halloween next week :D
    Yeah sure I'll follow you :-) xxx

  15. love the combo!!!!


    ps. let us know if you would like to follow each other

  16. Thank you very much :D
    yeah sure lets do it, I've followed you.
    love your blog style btw. :-)


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