Saturday, 20 October 2012

the before and after shot.

Before                                                               After

Ok, so its not that clear on my 'before' photo how bright my hair actually was, but if you look on my display picture its a berry red colour. Anyway, as I posted previously - I'd been contemplating for a while whether to dye my hair brown as the berry red was far too much hassle. With me previously being a platinum blonde, I found the red faded extremely quickly and looked a little tacky after a while. I really fancied the ombre look (brown hair fading into honey blonde) but in order for the shock factor to not be too much to handle I decided upon going brown and then adding the blonde once I've gotten used to this colour. So the 'after' shot shows the new colour of my hair. When I put the dye on I was instantly regretting it, thinking that with me being so pale that the colour would wash me out. However, once the process was complete, I was pleasantly suprised with the outcome. Although, I'm still not entirely sure what I think to it.

Comments/Opinions/Criticisms anyone, please? :-) xo


  1. i agree, red is a lot fo work, brown both looks great and is low key!;)
    you look beautiful with the new color!
    ps. thank you for following, we are now following you back!

  2. This hair color looks perfect on you, it really brings out your eyes :)


  3. awwww thank you so much. I wasn't sure whether I liked it at first but now i think i do, it compliments my skin so much better than the red did!
    :-) xx

  4. I agree, the hair color looks great on you - perfect for autumn/winter! :)

    Just started following - follow back? - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  5. I used to have red hair and it was such an effort to keep it glossy and vibrant!you really suit brown although I bet it was all a massive change after being platinum blonde!wowzaaa x

  6. thanks :D - i've followed you. Yeah its such an effort and i couldn't hack ofr much longer, was having to dye it every two weeks because it just fades so quickly. Yeah when i went from being platinum to red, it was a massive shock - didn't recognise myself in the mirror for days after haha!! xx

  7. great blog :) would u like follow each other?


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