Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How To Make The Most Of Your Day

So this is a bit of a different post from me but it's something I feel very strongly about in all aspects of life! Now I know the picture accompanying this post isn't particularly relevant to the post but I thought a picture of me looking thoughtfully into the distance being deep in thought would be a bit cringe. Anyway without procrastinating (the irony!) lets discuss  I don't consider my self to be the most productive person in the world and I don't always practice what I preach (as much as I hate to say it, but I'm only human), sometimes I get into a vortex of procrastination - it happens to the best of us! However something I constantly try and work on is how I manage my time! Time is actually the most valuable thing to me as it's something you can't get back. I hate to waste time and like to be as productive as I can. This is a bit of a rambling post but here we go... 

1. Write a list
God Lara state the obvious! I know I know - but seriously lists are arguably one of my favourite pass times and I'm constantly writing them. When I'm at work I like to write my to-do list towards the end of the day so the following morning I can just crack on. For workouts, I am a big fan of writing out my work out before I step foot in the gym because I find I honestly have so much more of a productive session because I don't have to sit and think about what to do next or panic and just jump on the next piece of cardio equipment available - I have a plan and I'm there to get stuff done! I also find writing down my goals for the week/month really helpful as it encourages me to stay on track. I actually went a step further this week and posted my goals for the week on my insta story- accountability is everything. 

2. Get a diary 
Whether it's a physical diary you can write in or an app or just even your calendar on your phone, I think it's so important to schedule any events of commitments you've got for the week. For example I always know what gym classes I have to attend or if I'm planning a day out/catch up with my friends we both put it in our diary to ensure we're free. If I intend on getting up and doing fasted cardio (very rare I like my sleep) then I put it in my diary and it means no matter what- that thing is happening so no excuses! It also means you're less likely to double book. 

3. Be prepared 
So the majority of these things I've been talking about in the previous points relate back to being prepared. However I'm talking about the little things- like doing your washing. I swear I never realised how much washing that I need to do on such a regular basis before starting the gym but if you're planning on wearing a certain outfit you need to make sure you've done the leg work beforehand. If you're wanting to stay on track with your nutrition then meal prep is so important. For me, it's key in deciphering whether I'm on point or fail dramatically. If I'm not prepared food wise that's when I tend to reach for biscuits (not good!). I like to prep a couple of days in advance but not like a weeks worth as I find this makes food go gross! Again, schedule in time to do this. Sure it's time consuming initially but in the long run your future self will thank you for being so wonderfully organised! 

4. Be smart
So that was a bit of a vague title but what I mean by this is making the most of your time. For example, when I'm meal prepping I always put on podcasts in the background to listen to. I like to be a sponge for information but I'm such a busy person so if I can get educated whilst on the go then I'm all for it. I also listen to podcasts on the way to work sometimes as I feel it sets me up for the day. If I'm taking my make up off/ washing my face or eating my tea I also find this a good time to catch up on my favourite YouTube videos. I don't like to scroll aimlessly on social media and I like to schedule in time to catch up on content. The majority of the content I follow is either my friends or a source of inspiration/education so I don't feel I am wasting time when engaging with this content. If however I am spending half an hour checking out the daily snapchat filters then of course it has got to the point of procrastination and I need to put the phone down! 

Do you have any tips for being more time efficient or how you avoid procrastination? 

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