Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Amsterdam Travel Diary

You know me, I love a good city break! Amsterdam has been on my list for a while now and it seems every man and his dog has been there in recent years so it seemed a good option to tick off my bucket list next!

So I went with my best friend Jazz and we went for 4 nights. After talking about going on a girly trip together for ages, we just decided to go for it. Now, whenever I told anyone about where I was going on holiday I was bombarded with comments about drugs, but I'm not about that life, drugs just don't really interest me!

We managed to crammed so much into the 4 days that we were there and literally had the time of our life, we already can't wait to plan our next trip together - next time round we're looking at heading to either somewhere in the states or Iceland, we're so undecided at present!

Soo without further ado here is a bit of what we got up to whilst we were in The Dam...

Now everybody associates Amsterdam with Drugs & Sex as they're not a taboo over there and it was so much fun to explore all these things that aren't seen as acceptable in the UK. You should know though that Amsterdam has so much more to offer than it is given credit for. It is honestly such a beautiful city and with it just being an hour flight away (or a ferry whatever your preference) I would urge anyone who gets the chance to visit this place!

Without going off on a tangent too much, lets begin with the fun ones.

The Red Light District  - So I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about when I say this! Now somehow Jazz & I managed to get lost on the first night and it seemed to take forever to find the Red Light District - however you definitely know for sure once you get there as you will see all of the red doors lit up with the girls in the window! It was so interesting and it was just so surprising that over there this is actually allowed. After having a wander down the district we headed to the Museum of Prostitution which gave you an insight into the girls' lives and why they chose to go down that route, it was very interesting and actually quite thought provoking. At only 10 euros, I would definitely say it's worth a visit! You even get the chance to see what it's like to be the one behind the window.

The Sex Museum - Now this is a must for anyone visiting the city. I would definitely say the museum has a lot of hype for what it actually is, I found the majority of the museum fairly boring however seeing the giant penises was pretty amusing and I would say the hardcore porn section is NOT for the fainthearted but it is a good laugh!!

Canal Cruise - If you go to Amsterdam, you must go on a Canal Boat Ride and my choice of this was Friendship Amsterdam. This looked by far the best option, all the other boat rides looked cramped and pretty boring but this was a chilled out boat which shared some really fun facts about the city and they offer alcohol and a comfy set up with cushions! We chose a really sunny day to do this so I was very pleased about that!

The Cheese Museum - So I was really gutted as one of my priorities for my trip to Amsterdam was to visit the Anne Frank Museum but unfortunately even though we got there pretty early, it seemed everyone else had the same idea and in the end we didn't have time in the end. However, just across the road from Anne Frank Museum there is the Cheese Museum and well, everyone loves cheese don't they?! It's free admission and there is a whole lot of taste testing involved! On the bottom floor you have the chance to dress up as a Cheesemaker - for some reason, I ended up looking like a chimney sweep and Jazz' loved her outfit and didn't want to take it off, it was so much fun! FYI - there is also a Pancake House just across from the Cheese Museum that does some incredible Dutch Pancakes!

Vondel Park - So, Cycling is huge in Amsterdam - that's pretty much how all the locals get about and let me warn you now, they are ruthless! Do not get in their way!! Jazz & I really wanted to experience the biking but didn't want to do it right in the city because we didn't really know where we were going. We decided to go to Vondel Park so it was at our own leisure. Vondel Park is so lovely! All the locals are there either biking, running or doing a HIIT workout session and it really does put England to shame. I have to be honest I don't think I saw one overweight person whilst I was there, they're all super fit! I think it was about 15 euros to hire a bike for an hour and 20 minutes, so pretty good deal if you ask me!

Burger Bitch - So very cliche name I know! However, if you're heading to Amsterdam Arena during your stay, this is the go to place! We went as we had booked tickets to see Rihanna and Big Sean - the original reason we booked we because The Weekend was supporting, but unfortunately he dropped out the ANTI Tour, gutted! Anyways, this restaurant is right next to the Arena and is pretty cheap, it did a great vegetarian option as well. It was pretty cool as they had  a DJ playing Rihanna music before the event to get everyone hyped up and they even had an after party but we didn't have time to attend that!

Lost In Amsterdam - Gotta save the best til last! So this ended up being one of my favourite spots in Amsterdam. It's right in the city centre and even has it's own resident cat! They do amazing cocktails and there is so much choice. They also offer shishas and play the best music. If you're into Rap & Hip Hop this is the place to go. It's got such a chilled vibe and honestly, we could have just stayed in there all night!

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