Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My Current Skincare Routine

So today I thought I would go through my skincare routine with you guys! For me this is a bit of a sore subject because my skin is something I'm pretty self conscious about. I've never had perfect skin but in the last year I suffered really bad with break outs, which I'm 90% sure was down to being stressed as I went through a pretty rough time and I guess my skin just reacted to it. However, my skin is now so so much better, it's not perfect and I do get the odd break out but no way near as bad as it was this time last year.

Now the only thing I have to deal with is uneven skin tone and scarring, which is kinda frustrating because when I have no make up on I look like I've got loads of spots when I actually haven't it's just remainders of damage caused previously. Also as a bit of a background I have combination skin - it can get oily in my T-Zone but also gets very dry, so yeah pretty high maintenance unfortunately!

Anyway so my first tip is pretty obvious but I can't stress how important it is to remove your make up at night time! Even if I've come back from a night out or even if I get home late and I'm super tired, I always remove every last scrap of my make up. I have a love/hate relationship with wiping my make up off, I love doing it cause I know it's good for my skin and sometimes it's nice to just be in your natural state. However I hate it when I feel like I've had a good make up day and it comes to the time where I have to wipe away my work of art.

So for the last 4/5 months I have stuck with the same skincare routine and I feel like I will continue to stick with it because it works for me and also because I'm scared to death of trying anything else in case I break out. I remember when I went to Milan about a year and a half ago and my skin just completely broke out and that was when I first starting using Clarins skin care products, so when it comes to skin care that brand is a big no no for me. Although I know it works for a lot of people it definitely doesn't for me!

So every evening I cleanse my skin using the oval double faced cotton pads (very specific I know, but that's my preference). If you've seen my skincare stash, you will know that I usually have about 10 packs in my draw at any one time! They're just so convenient and cheap, I genuinely could not live without them. I am obsessed with using cotton pads because for me, they're the most hygienic way to clean your face because you use them once and then dispose of them. Again, I know lots of people use flannels and muslin cloths but these just don't work for me.

I cleanse my skin using the Peaches & Clean, which I think I've harped on about for the past two years on and off. I tend to double cleanse my face as I want to remove every last bit of make up! I tI then apply my Kiehls Blue Herbal Moisturiser. This moisturizer is everything, it works so well on my skin! I apply this in the evening and wake up in the morning and my skin still feels plump & hydrated! It also dries quite matte and is a great based for make up. It is targeted towards skin that suffers with blemishes and I honestly think this is the product what has saved me!!  It's a little steep at £26 a bottle but it is so worth it.

Another step in my skincare routine that I don't do every day but maybe 2-3 times a week is to exfoliate my skin. A fairly recent discovery which I absolutely love is the Kiehls Skin Pearl Exfoliator, this just evens out your skin and removes any dry skin etc to make you get that natural glow! I also occasionally use the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Serum, although I only have samples at the moment but I find it to be super hydrating so this is something I will probably invest in soon!

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