Friday, 13 February 2015

A Girly Evening In Leeds - Hotel Chocolat & The Alchemist

Morning guys!

So last weekend I went to Leeds for the evening to have a bit of a girly gathering with some of my best friends. The need for the occasion was that it was my birthday not so long ago and my friend - Shannons' birthday was also in January.

With life swinging us all in different directions we often find it difficult to plan an evening together but always try to plan something for each of our birthdays to celebrate and have a catch up. We all gathered at my friends house in Leeds and got ready for our girly evening out.

We decided to go to the Hotel Chocolat restaurant in Leeds for a lovely meal out and then head to The Alchemist for Cocktails afterwards. Both of these establishments had always intrigued me as they both have their own niche where they put a fancy spin on something. Ever since I had walked past the Hotel Chocolat restaurant back in the summer I had been determined to go at some point. The food was delicious, it was pricey but not overly - especially considering the quality of the food. For the starter I shared a Sourdough Bread with Pesto, Nut Butter & Cocao Butter. It was an interesting combination but so addictive! For my main I had Mac & Cheese hidden in Celeriac Pastry and a Mushroom sautee then for dessert my friend and I shared the most incredible dessert. This dessert in particular was actually created for the BAFTA awards in 2014 and it was amazing!!

After our desserts we headed to The Alchemist at the Leeds Trinity Centre. The Alchemist is a Cocktail Bar/Eatery and is best known for its scientific concoctions that are served in a very fancy way. Nguyen & I opted for Lavander Daquiri which was unreal, I would 100% recommend it, I could have literally drank it all day. April had 'The Colour Changing One' which was such a fascinating drink. Basically you get your glass with a huge ball of ice inside and then you get two science lab looking beakers filled with crazy coloured liquid, you then pour both the beakers into the glass and the whole thing starts smoking and changing colour from purple to blue to pink etc. It was SO cool! It tasted amazing as well, it tasted like a really really nice Ice Pop!

Where is your favourite place to go on a girl evening out?


  1. I love Leeds for a different kind of night out, you know when you don't wanna go wild, haha? The Alchemist is an amazing place I've only been once but I loved it, I also really want to try the botanist

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I've always wanted to go to the Alchemist... will be making a trip to Leeds very soon!

    lovely blog :)


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