Monday, 5 January 2015

Amazing Things I Did In 2014

Happy New Year Everyone. Wow I can't believe we're now in 2015. I know everyone say's it but this year has actually flown and guess what that means...I'm 20 this year! That feels crazy to me, I don't want to be 20 I quite like the little old age of 19 but hey ho time moves on and you've just got to go with that.

2014 has been an amazing year for me. When I actually had chance to reflect on some of things I've done/achieved over this past year I genuinely couldn't believe it. I mean yeah there's things that I haven't achieved what I wanted but they're a work in progress I guess. Obviously still need to lose 2 stone but I've made quite a few lifestyle changes which will hopefully help to make that magic happen! So without rambling on too much, I just thought I would list some of the amazing things I got up to in 2014 and who knows, maybe this will inspire you to do the same! So let's get started...

1.  I got a new job closer to home but earning more money & still got the chance to continue my Marketing Apprenticeship. 
2. I joined a gym and actually went (need to step it up this year though). 
3. I did a whole load of travelling with my boyfriend and best friend!
4. I started my driving lessons.
5. I opened a savings accounts (I feel so grown up now!).
6. I became Vegetarian and in turn adapted my diet to almost Vegan i.e. Dairy Free, Gluten Free the majority of the time!
7. I went to Edinburgh.
8. I went to see Sub Focus.
9. I went to Edinburgh Dungeons.
10. I saw the Giant Panda's at Edinburgh Zoo.
11. I developed an obsession with Peanut Butter. 
12. I dyed my hair Lilac. 
13. I visited The Mayflower Sanctuary loads of times throughout the year and cuddled all the dogs!
14. I did a hair photo shoot (I was very nervous but had so much fun).
15. I went to Leeds, Nottingham & Lincoln tonnes of times!
16. I started blogging at least 3 times a week and got the chance to work with some amazing brands.
17. I started doing a  lot more baking and cooking in the kitchen!
18. I went to the Seaside with my dad & Biscuit in Scarborough & Filey. 
19. I worked with some amazing clients and helped them with their Digital Marketing.
20. I visited Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice with my cousin and grandad!
21. I visited Newcastle loads of times (my second home).
22. I went to Stockholm in Sweden.
23. I went to the Ice Bar in Stockholm, which was pretty awesome!
24. I went a load of amazing dog walks to lovely places such as Rufford Park & Sherwood Forest.
25. I started reading books on a regular basis.
26. I went to more Football matches than I like to admit.
27. I had some lovely nights out with my best friends.
28. I ended 2013 and started 2014 with my family on a night out in Newcastle.
29. I went to The Breakfast Club, finally (yes this was a highlight for me). 
30. I discovered Blogger chats and in turn got the chance to get to know some super talented people.
31. I dyed my hair Peach.
32. I went to Milan. 
33. I visited the breath taking views of Lake Como.
34. I went to the San Siro Stadium & Anfield Stadium Tours.
35. I went to Liverpool for a day out.
36. I had proper Gelato & Pizza in Italy (you've just gotta do it).
37. Leading on from my previous point, I went to some amazing restaurants this year!
38. I went to my first Christmas Market

Wow that was a longer list than I thought it would be! This year has been so amazing for me, I can't wait to see what I will be typing this time next year!


  1. Can I have your life please??? haha great post x

    1. Haha thanks Georgia! It's amazing how much you can get up to in the space of a year. Hopefully this year will be even better :) xxx


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