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The Milan Travel Diary

Morning my lovelies! So as you probably already know, a couple of weeks ago I got back from my 4 day city break to Milan, which might I add was amazing! Having had time reflect of my trip I thought it would only be right to share my experience with you guys - be prepared for a very photo heavy blog post! Soo, let's get started...

Day 1 - An evening in London

So technically this day doesn't count as I was actually just travelling this day! On the Tuesday evening Kyle & I got the train down to London town. After a belly grumbling train journey, we decided we were just about ready for some food. To make things as easy and fuss free as possible we just went to Giraffe at Kings Cross Station for a pit stop food break - it was a bit of a 'grab it and go' kinda meal. We both had burger, crinkly chips (healthy, not!)  and a drink each. I obviously went for the option of Peanut Butter Milkshake which was incredible! I've been dreaming about it ever since. Mmmm.

So our flight was actually  the next morning but to make everything a lot easier I decided to book a hotel in London near Heathrow for the night. After a 2 hour train journey and an hour long trip on the tube to Heathrow and then a shuttle bus to our Hotel, when we actually arrived at the hotel we literally just flopped onto the bed.  Kyle of course had his eyes glued to the screen watching football whilst I freshened up. After an hour or so of lounging around we decided to go to the hotel restaurant and just grab some Cheesecake to share, which was yummy. After that we pretty much drifted off into a food coma for evening!

Day 2 - Touching down in Milan

The day began at a painful 5am and I was rudely awoken by my alarm. After pressing the snooze button way too many times I dragged my self out of bed, had a shower and made my face up for the day. I actually did a blog post on my 'Airport Look' which you can read all about in more detail here.

After making ourselves look presentable for the day, we headed to the airport. We arrived at Heathrow just as our bag drop opened (we like to be organised okay!) and had hours of time to kill. We trundled our way through check in and security and then reached the hallowing halls of beauty wonders, oh yes I'm talking about duty free aka one of my favourite shopping destinations in the world. We were actually flying from Terminal  5 which is supposed to be up there with the best, shopping wise. They're even in the midst of creating a Louis Vuitton Flagshire store there!

As you guys already know, one of mine and Kyle's favourite past times is going out for breakfast/brunch so that's exactly what we did next. Once again we headed for Giraffe - seriously it's becoming one of our favourite places to dine out. I mean the pictures speak for themselves but Kyle went for the Breakfast Burrito & Frozen Mocha and I went for Blueberry Stacked Pancakes and the Giddy Giraffe Smoothie. Honestly it was amazing! After filling our bellies, I decided to browse duty free and ended up purchasing some brow products from Benefit, ooopss.

Soon after perusing the joys of Duty Free we boarded our flight, as usual we flew with British Airways, they're our favourite! The flight didn't take long at all, I think it was like an hour and a half? It was pretty painless, Kyle snoozed away the whole journey and I just browsed magazines and stuck my headphones in.

Upon arrival in Milan, we were pretty gutted as the weather was really miserable - not cold but just super overcast and rainy, boo. Anyways, we made it to our hotel which was pretty cool actually, very modern and great facilities. We both unpacked our bags, had a little snooze and then freshened ourselves up as we had made reservations at the hotel restaurant. I kept forgetting to photograph our food - probably because Italian is literally my favourite food ever. I think I had enough carbs in the space of 4 days to last me the year, ooops!

Day 3 - A Trip to Lake Como 

On day 3, we both crept out of our beds super early to ensure we got the best of the bunch at the breakfast buffet. My prior expectations were certainly exceeded when I was greeted by a gorgeous array of Croissants, Pain Au Chocolate, Fresh Juices, Desserts and all the usual breakfast goods. Kyle and I were honestly in food heaven, I would say this hotel provided the best buffet style breakfast I've ever had!

After filling our tummies with pastries and custard pots we decided to have a bit of down time until we felt awake enough to get ourselves to the gym. I was so impressed by the facilities in this hotel - they had a fitness and spa suite on the top floor of the hotel. Working out in the gym to a view of the city was up there with one of the best feelings in the world! They also had a pool that Kyle and I took full advantage of, it was just so relaxing and refreshing to work out and have a dip in the pool in the morning and evening to make you feel super revitilised.

After prepping our faces for the day and throwing on some warm and snuggley attire, we headed out the door, straight for Lake Como. This day was honestly a dream for me. The weather was cold and foggy, we were both wrapped up warm ready for the day ahead and we both just couldn't stop smiling! We got the train from Milan Central Station to Como and then walked down to see the Lake. 

The view was breath taking, it was so amazing to see finally see the true beauty of Lake Como in person after gazing at photography on Pinterest of it. This day really made me realise how important travelling is to me and how I want to continue to have rich fulfilling life experiences such as these. Life really isn't just about having nice things - I mean yeah it's great to have luxury brand make up and expensive clothes but what really makes me happy is well, living. Y'know life experiences, times that you feel so taken back by something you know you will remember for a life time. Well that's exactly how Lake Como made me feel. It was a quiet day at the Lake, it almost felt as though it was just Kyle & I and nobody else in the world. We took a gentle stroll and explored the features surrounding the lake. We had a walk down the low-rise pier, which was strange as it was pretty much a path in the middle of the lake, like if the waves got strong, your feet got wet, put it that way. We wandered all the way to the end and just took in the amazing view! 

After a long walk, we had worked ourselves up an appetite and promised ourselves we'd have some real Italian grub, we visited a little restaurant that just over looked the lake, it was quiet but not awkward quiet, more just bliss. We both went for some Pasta, which was incredible! Afterwards we took a stroll into Como and discovered the little streets tucked away and just really explored the area. I of course had to make a whistle stop visit to Kiko and purchase a few items, ooops! 

The evening ended with a few cocktails and Irish coffee's and we both dragged ourselves back to the room and dropped off into the land of nod. 

Day 4 - Visiting San Siro Stadium

So I planned this whole trip to Milan for Kyle's 21st birthday because I wanted him to have a special few days to remember. One place I wanted to make sure he got to snoop about was San Siro Stadium - the home to Inter Milan & AC Milan, two pretty big football clubs. Kyle absolutely loves football so I knew he'd jump at the chance of doing a Stadium tour, so that's exactly what we did! We got the tube to Lotto and then walked for around a mile until we stumbled upon the stadium. We paid for both the stadium & museum tour. Kyle was definitely in his element, we had the opportunity to visit the press room, changing rooms etc. To say I'm not really a huge fan of Football, I did actually really enjoy the tour. I think what was more exciting for me was seeing the look on Kyle's face bless him! 

Day 5 - A Day In San Babila/Duomo 

After a hectic few days of sight seeing, we thought we'd spend our last full day in the city just having a leisurely lunch and browsing around the shops. This area of the city really is where it's at. The atmosphere was bursting with energy, there was so much hustle and bustle but we loved it, I guess that's what a city is all about! We had a wander around the shops (we may or may not have had a peruse around Sephora) and then grabbed some lunch. After having been in Milan for 4 days and not even had neither Pizza or Gelato (Ice Cream) we decided enough was enough...we had both. Oooops. Nothing beats a good old Italiano Pizza! The Gelato is also incredible as you see in the picture below. 

There were loads of street dancers about which was pretty entertaining. We also finally got the opportunity to see Duomo Cathedral - the building that represents Milan. Me and Kyle are absolutely in love with this building, the architecture is just absolutely amazing. If you go to Milan this is a must see! 

There is no point in me doing a 'Day 6' as the majority of the day was spent waiting around the airport, flying and then travelling back from London so I wouldn't want to bore you with the details! In other words 'nothing else to see here'! Milan was definitely the trip of a life time. Kyle and I already planning our next trip!

Have you been to Milan before? If so what do I need to see next time I go?

If you've been on a city break recently and have done a similiar post to this I would love to check it out so please leave your link below! :) 

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