Saturday, 14 September 2013

Candy Bracelets

So last weekend I decided to play about with having a photo shoot, it's something I've never done before so I'm aware that it is very much amateur but it was just something I wanted to have fun with. Photo shoots are naturally awkward as it means you're suddenly put in the spot light and every sense of movement you've ever had seems to disappear as soon as a camera is put in front of your face.  

Here is a run down of what I'm wearing: 
  • The gorgeous bracelets are from LizzleTrix. LizzleTrix makes bracelets that look good enough to eat. In this shot I'm wearing - Club Tropicana, Dolly Daydream (my favourite!!), Lizzlelove and Ibiza purple (my second favourite). The Dolly Daydream is my favourite bracelet as it really does look like Dolly Mixture sweets and I seriously just wanted to eat it! Ibiza purple was my second favourite as I'm totally into this neon purple look at the moment. I also feel the Ibiza bracelet teamed great with the old school bomber jacket I'm wearing. 
  • The golden rustic looking spiked necklace is from New Look. This is a staple item of mine and I tend probably over wear it. 
  • The bomber jacket is Vintage.
  • The Short-sleeved Clementine shaded shirt dress is my amazing new dress which I purchased from Best Newcastle. Best is my favourite shop as it is full of re-worked vintage clothing. It's right up my street.
  •  And last but not least, my shoes are Nike Blazers that were purchased from Foot Asylum. 
You can purchase the LizzleTrix bracelets I was wearing on:
Follow them on Twitter:  @LizzleTrix
They're also on Instagram: lizzletrix

In the shots I'm wearing - 
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
  • MAC Lipstick in shade 'Saint Germain'
  • The Benefit Smokey Eye Palette
  • MAC Bronzer
  • Loreal Mascara

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  1. hehe I know what you mean by awkward... it's like a totally different part of you is tapped in and you're like whoa WHO IS THIS GIRL?! anyway, saw you on heartIFB so coming by to check out your blog ;D

    Krissy from


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