Sunday, 24 February 2013

DIY tshirtmaking

This week I've been feeling pretty creative and although late to join the band wagon; I've finally joined the Tshirt making hype. I've been contemplating making tees for ages but have just never got round to it. However, after receiving two home made tie dye tops off of my boyfriend as a valentines day gift - I was soon inspired.

The tops are very simple to make. All you need first of all is an extra large plain black or white Tshirt (depending on your personal preferences). We decided to buy some cheap ones from Primark which cost around £2.

Bleach Tshirt:
For the bleach tee you just simply need a bottle of bleach
1.Lay out some carrier bags on a floor so that no spillages stain.
2. Put the t shirt out on top of the carrier bags flat.
3. Drizzle the bleach over your top wherever you like and leave to dry. Don't worry the bleach pattern will also seep through to the back of the t shirt as well!

Tie Dye top:
You can either mix colours or just use one colour, it's entirely up to you. We just decided to use two colours as a little trial and improvement.
1. Buy some clothing dye. (We got Powder Pink and Goldfish Orange).
2. Buy 500g of salt - it only costs around 50p and get a ball or elastic bands.
3. Follow the instructions on the back of the dye wrapper, as different dyes may have slightly different instructions.
4. Tie elastic bands wherever you require. Make sure they're tightly wrapped around the Tshirt.
5. Leave over night.

And bam. You're lovely very own unique t shirt is ready to wear!


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