Friday, 19 October 2012

Change is good, right?

So, yesterday morning I woke up and thought to myself - I'm bored of my hair! Up until February this year I had been a platinum blonde (and even lilac at one point!!!!!!!), looking at my hair now though that's pretty hard to believe. Its currently a 'berry red' colour, however the lighting on this photo doesn't do it much justice. It doesn't look particularly red, but trust me it is. Anyway - I'm fancying a change and really think I should just take the plunge rather than umm'ing and aaah'ing about it. I mean, its not like I've never drastically changed my hairstyle before, I think I'm just stuck in a rut. So I was thinking of going like a chocolate brown colour, seeing how I adjust to that and then if I like it, adding some honey blonde to the ends to get that 'ombre' look. The good thing about the ombre style is that its low maintainance and looks more natural.

What do you think pretty people?!?! Help!

(Dipdye beanie - Topshop £14)


  1. you should definitely go for it!
    i'm going to do mine pastel pink today!
    be brave, lets do it together haha.
    hope you're well, i bet you'd suit ombre hair :)
    laura xx

  2. you reckon?
    oooooh yes you should totally go for it, that would look hot. I had mine like a pastel lilac colour at the start of this year and I loved it but it was just too much maintainance it kept fading :-( ...i do love you bleach blonde with the black roots - looks dead nice! Thank you haha, yeah i think i'm gonna go for it but go just brown first and then add the blonde once I'm used to the brown :) I'm great thanks, hope you're good.
    Lara xo


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